Wooden Harpsichord Jacks

For those builders who prefer wooden jacks, or those who are facing the increasing unavailability of plastic jacks, I can offer, on a limited basis, the same wooden jacks that I use in my instruments. I personally make these jacks in my workshop from the finest materials. The jack bodies are cherry with holly tongues or beech with beech tongues. The tongue springs are made from .4mm PEEK monofilament. The jacks are 7" [177.8mm] long x .5" [12.7mm] wide x .150" [3.82mm] thick. 4-40 stainless steel binding or pan head machine screws (not included) can be used for bottom adjusting screws using an .078" drill bit. These holes can only be drilled after the jacks have been cut to their proper length. Jacks are offered in two styles - left plucking and right plucking. If your register plucks to the right, using a right plucking jack will have the damper at the rear of the jack, making it easier to see the plectrum during voicing.

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