Audio Page

I completed the instrument featured in these sound files in March, 2009. The instrument is the small single manual harpsichord shown in the Gallery of this website.

Dr. John O'brien, professor of music at Eastern Carolina University played the harpsichord in a concert given in April, 2009. The concert was recorded by Tom Jung, DMP Records. Headphones are strongly recommended! Thank you John and Tom.

The last entry (Scarlatti) is a video of an instrument built by Gregorio Iacobelli, Niccolo Piccinni di Bari, Italy. This is his first harpsichord build, and was guided by my book "The Harpsichord Project". Click on The Harpsichord Project link on the main menu for more information. The harpsichordist is Carlo M. Barile. Well done, Gregorio!